Christmas time in Europe

Published December 12, 2008 by Dorothy

I’ve spent my last three Christmases in Australia,which is (in case you are rubbish at Geography) on the southern hemisphere,where all seasons are reversed.When it’s winter here,it’s summer there,and vice versa.I had grown used to sunny Christmases;I had grown to associate Santa with warm afternoon, with wearing  short and thongs,with the wishy washy taste of orange mister freeze in my mouth;with cruises on the warm river listening to some soothing Australian country music, barbecues in the backyard and sour Vodka and lime canned drinks kept in Eskys on a bed of  ice.

Now I have to get used to white Christmas again,people running to wherever they have to go,eager to get out of the freezing cold;woolen scarves,finger paralyzed by the cold,;seeing my breathe materialize in front of me,a small cloud of steam.It feels funny.

Anyway,Little Elf’s birthday went quite smooth,I handled it better than I would have expected. Not that I don’t like birthday but I’m never good when there’s a lot of people I don’t know around me: too shy.

Little Elf seemed to like his presents.Little Fairy loved the duckies and the stickers.

I’m hoping to go to the temple Bar TradFest in January.It is a festival of traditional Irish music and dancing,which will take place in Dublin’s Temple Bar (This is the part of Dublin where the nightlife is the most animated,where you can find all the best pubs) between the 28th of January and the 1st of February.There will be lots of performances by renown Irish musicians and even music and dancing workshops.So if you are around Dublin,this can be really interesting.

I’ll leave you to it,of course,with a little bit of music to ornament your day;

It’s A tune For Frankie,played on the Fiddle by Mairead ni Mhaonaigh.


…and don’t forget,stay tuned.

M xx


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