Little Elf’s birthday

Published December 6, 2008 by Dorothy

Dublin is drop dead gorgeous at christmas time;I would have shown you photos but the batteries in my dirty stinkin’ camera went flat when tried to take a picture.The day ends at about four thirty but contrary to many people,the short days in winter have never bothered or depressed me;I like nightime,especially around christmas,when all the streets are enluminated,when you can go home light up scented candles and stare out of the frothed window into the dark nothingness,making up stories ,inspired by these magical times.I like when night unfolds its dark coat embroidered with mysteries.Night triggers your imagination in a way nothing else can,,just think about these little kids thinking they see monsters coming out of their wardrobes,or the way,before you go to sleep,when you imagine your dreams come true.Or when,on a sleepless night,you overworry about things and let your imagination get carried away,and then when dawn comes,think:”How could I ever have thought that?”

Anyway,If I was in Dublin,it was to find little Elf’s birthday prezzie,and a little something for little Fairy too because I probably won’t be around for her next birthday.

So little Fairy is getting a game,it’s like,a duck pond and kids have to fish for the duckies,the first kid to get four duckies wins.It is destined to help her, not to awake her hunting instincts but to learn colors.Under each little duck is a color circle,each child is attributed a color and he can take the duck out of the pond only if it’s the right color.

Little Fairy’s is still learning colors,and her school teacher has given us a cardboard with color stickers on it; whe have to show it to little Fairy everyday and have her name the colors.
As soon as she sees you coming with the carboard she runs away.

“So what is that color Fairy?” you ask after fifteen minutes of chasing her around the huge house,when you have finally cornered the girl in the sitting room.

Fairy stares at the TV,you turn it off.

“I want to watch Peppa Pig!”

“Yes,after your homework I’ll turn the tV back on.Now what is that color,do you remember?”

“But Peppa Pig will be finished!”(it’s a DVD)

“No love,it won’t.What color?When you are finished you can watch Peppa Pig”

she sighs heavily,thinking “There’s no way I can get around this eejit with her colors” and say (Not looking at the sticker I’m pointing at (it’s red):


“No,It’s reeeeeed!” (silly enthousiastic tone,high pitched voice,trying to get Fairy to be excited by a couple of stickers on a cardboard)

“Reeeeeeed!” little Fairy says. “Now can I watch Peppa Pig?”

“No,not yet,in a few minutes…What is this color?” (It’s blue).

“Reeeeeed!”Little Fairy says,distracted by a car driving past the house,not looking at the sticker.

Sometimes it’s tough πŸ˜† little Fairy is getting better all the time,though,in all fairness.
Anyway,hopefully,the duck pond will help.

And little Fairy is also getting a box loaded with tons of sticker,which I expect will be empty in two and a half minute,Fairy love her stickers soooo much.I only hope none will end on Daddy’s sports car (I can’t remember the brand at this moment;it’s not a Ferrari,but it’s something,famous and expensive,a Spaghettini or something) on the newly painted walls,or on the sofa in the good sitting room.

Little Elf is getting a book to learn his first words in Irish,it’s a gorgeous book and I could smuggle it in my bedroom when I need it πŸ˜† (I’m learning Irish Gaelic too) of course it’s a baby book with loads of colors and fold out pictures and all.

And he is also getting a Peppa Pig soft toy,I was hesitating about this,wondering if it wasn’t too much of a girlie present and if I should buy him a muscle car instead but he loves Peppa Pig so much,so…

Anyway.I’ll leave you with the beautiful song from the sanctuary album performed by Nassau Royal and featuring Moya Brennan “Stars are made for the sky”.

Enjoy…and stay tuned!

M xxx


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