I’m half asleep

Published November 29, 2008 by Dorothy

Mammy and Daddy were gone to Dublin and I was on duty last night.

Now,the children were grand;little fairy usually wakes up a few times a night crying but was okay last night.Only once,around three o’clock,she went “uuuuhhh I’ve lost my nappy!My nappy is gone!”
I woke up and started saying “Go back to sleep,pet,it’s only a nightmare!Your nappy is here,still here!” But I instinctly felt for it to make sure it actually was there and instead of a nappy my hand met some wet.Yes,I had forgotten to put the nappy on,like a twat.So I had to change little Fairy and change all her bedclothes in the middle of the night.After that we both went back to bed until five when little Fairy woke up and cried because she had lost Tigger in her bed,but even after we found Tigger and had warm milk,she couldn’t sleep,so I turned the TV on for her and went to give little Elf his bottle of milk.
Little elf is okay after his fall (he tripped on a kitchen tile and though I ran for it I couldn’t catch him before he fell),I think I was more traumatized than he was.He still has a little bruise.

Elf had already forgotten all about it and forgiven me, it seemed; when I went to give him his bottle he giggled, then happily curled up in my lap,caught my finger in his, and rested his head on my arm.

We’ll go for a walk this afternoon 🙂 lovely weather 🙂


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