I had a dream

Published November 28, 2008 by Dorothy

I had that dream last night;I have it often.It’s funny because I think it’s a perfect metaphor for my life.

At the beginning,I’m walking down a gentle slope.Progressively,the slope grows steeper and steeper,and I have to run faster and faster,and I wobble down,somehow I manage not to fall.The ground turns into something slippery and very hard,like ice.There are people I know around me,some are calling out.None seems to be sliding down like me;they have all found their balance,standing firmly on the ground.

At some point I realize I’m heading towards the edge of a cliff, and I’m trying,I’m trying to slow down but I can’t.I brace myself.I prepare for the long drop,grit my teeths,close my eyes.

And just when my feet leave the ground and I think all hope is gone,instead of falling,I start to fly.


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