All in all,it was fun

Published November 23, 2008 by Dorothy

I turned 24 today, but no, no party.I’ m getting to that age when you’re not that excited about getting older anymore.I used to be counting my steps up towards adulthood; first time out without mum; first kiss; first lipgloss; first smoke;first leg wax (painful memory,I’ve used razors ever since); and first hungover (painful memory but obviously not painful enough to keep me off the Bourbon).And then someday, you realise time is not just unfolding endlessly in front of you, no, your time supply is limited and you will eventually run out.You realise getting older is not climbing,it’s falling.

Anyway. I’m good fun,today, aren’t I? I always get like that on my birthdays now, since my twenty first; that’s why on my birthdy’s I get pissed as early as you possibly can get pissed without falling into the “alcoholic” category:usually starting at lunchtime, discreetly abusing Irish coffee and digestives. but this year, I can’t,because I’m working tomorrow 😀
My host family was really lovely,they sung happy birtday to me and I had a piece of chocolate cake with a candle on it (I wished for a harp from Santa, not that it’s gonna happen but anyway) and a book about Celtic legends to help me with the writing of my Novel “Cliona”, and I had the day off !

We all went to see Santa with Auntie,Uncle and cousins.Now the visit to Santa was highly comical;Little Elf is very fond of everything that has to do with cars, trucks, and tractors,so it’s not a surprise that he wanted to ask Santa to bring him a toy truck for Christmas.A little problem, though;Little Elf is only learning to speak and frequently mispronouces words.Not a problem, will you say.Well, the way he pronounces truck can lead to misunderstandings;Little Elf calls a truck a f**k. You can easily imagine how Santa’s jaw dropped when he asked:
“What do you want for Christmas darling?” and Little Elf answered triumphantly:
“A f**k!” despite the half hour his mammy and I spent,prior to the visit, to try and convince him that no he didn’t want a truck, he wanted a tractor, to try and spare Santa’s delicate ears.
The video I took of the moment is priceless,I tell you; with mammy,red faced,shouting over and over again “A TRUCK,A TRUCK,HE’S ASKING FOR A TRUCK!” and Santa trying to change the conversation so Little Elf wouldn’t pronounce the word again,and the camera tressauting because I was laughing my head off.
All in all,this was a fun day.

I realised I’ve been in aul’ Firoda eight months, nearly.In a few months,I’ll be going to the big smoke, like uncle Phil would say.I’m super excited about it but a bit sad about leaving the family.I hope we’ll be able to keep in touch.

To conclude this article, I’ll share that song that I love with you.It was playing in my head all day.It’s will definitely remain the soundtrack of my twenty fourth birthday.It’s called Buachaill on Eirne, and sung by Maire Brennan,with the band,Clannad.Enjoy!

stay tuned!!

Moya xx


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