I’m getting a harp,people

Published November 18, 2008 by Dorothy


I have been in Ireland for only a little bit over six months and I’m blending in nicely already. Irish mythology,Irish literature,Irish history,Irish beer,Irish slang, I like everything about Ireland.Oh, except Irish weather.It’s freezing all the time!Before,when I was living in Australia,I used to select my outfits according to many criterias: Is it funky? Does my arse look even bigger than it already is in this? Does the color suit my skin tone? Do I have a matching handbag? Would Angelina Jolie wear this?

Now I’m in Ireland, I’ve switched to survival mode: It’s all down to the one criteria: Is it warm enough? I always end up wrapped in several jumpers,a big coat and my scarf from the Hawthorn football club (the warmest I own) looking like a big shabby Eskimo. And even like that I’m still shivering with the cold.

Something,though, my favorite thing about Ireland, is always there to warm up my little heart:Irish music.I absolutely love it!A few weeks ago,I’ve started learning to play the whistle;I think I’m not too bad at it,but I’d like to learn another traditional Irish instrument with that.I have spent long hours thinking about it.Fiddle? tempting. Flute? Sounds lovely. Accordion? mmm. Uileann pipes? Seems difficult. And then last week, I went to a concert In Northern Ireland,in Derry,the Sanctuary Concert .

Amongst the performers was my favorite of all Irish singers and musicians I know,Moya Brennan, and Moya, as it is well known around here,plays the harp.There were also three other harpists onstage that night and they performed a great tune called “Planxty Glenstal”.Harp is very often used as accompaniment but that night they were playing solo,and hearing that I realised I absolutely loved the sound of the instrument,and told myself I had to learn the harp.I know this sounds a bit pre-teen-ish “I want to be a singer like Hanna Montana” “I want to be an actress like Hilary Duff” and there I am “I want to play harp like Moya” but I really didn’t want to play harp until I saw harpists playing live.True 😀

Anyway, delighted with myself for making that decision,I went for a little surf on the Internet to find out more about harp, and quickly my delight turned into hem…incredulity. What do you mean it’s worth two thousand? What currency is that? Timbuktu dollars? cents? Monopoly bills? Bleedin EUROS ???

Yes. Euros. And that’s a cheap one,too. For a pedal harp,it can go up to 20 thousand.Quite fortunately,the harp I need is a lever harp,the cheaper sort,because that’s the one used in Irish music.I’m already saving up for other stuff before I can save up for a harp,so,I thought,sighing heavily, I’d be able to get one in,like,twelve years…

Buuuuut, I am a resourceful girl,and I managed to find a school where they do harp rental.And after some time renting the harp, it’s paid off and you can take it home.Hopefully I’ll be able to start next year!I’m super excited about it! next time you see me I might be a virtuose watch out 😆 (I bet you’re reading and saying to yourself “what kind of drugs is she on” 😆 )


stay tuned lads!

M xx


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