Don’t you love children

Published November 18, 2008 by Dorothy

Ah,the funny little things that happen when you are an au pair.

The other day, I took Little Fairy and Little Elf for a walk in the country, and started pointing everything out to them “Oh, look at the sheep…the house…the tractor…”

Then we walked past a field where two horses and a foal were quietly chewing on grass. I tell the children:

“Oh look!There’s the daddy horse, the mammy horse (it’s mammy in Ireland, not mummy or mommy) an the baby horse having dinner together!”

After answering the difficult questions “But why don’t they have a table and chairs” “But mammy said it’s disgusting to eat off the ground so why are the horses eating off the ground” “but why are the horses eating grass and not pasta for their dinner” “where is the horses yoghurt” Little Fairy,who is three, asks the ultimate question.

“So this one is the mammy.”

“Yes Darling” I answer.

“And this one the Daddy”


“But…but..where is the YOU horse?”

“what do you mean, love?”

She rolls her eyes (meaning “duh!you’re a bit thick aren’t you!”)

“Well, the au pair horse!”She explains,impatiently.”Who is looking after the baby horse and giving him dinner and gingerbread man when mammy and daddy horse are gone?”

I giggled all the way home,and Little Fairy kept saying, puzzled:

“But why are you laughing? Why?”

She told me very seriously,she thinks I’m a silly billy.

There you go!


3 comments on “Don’t you love children

  • I am an aupair in Switzerland, and I can totally relate to your stories!! I love you blog, and am looking forward to reading more!!

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