Published November 18, 2008 by Dorothy

This is what Connemara looks like:

kylemore abbey




Connemara is in county Galway,on the west coast of Ireland. It is one of the only areas in Ireland where Irish remains the first language. It lost a great part of its population;the hard life of farmers did not appeal to the last few generation, who left to find greener grass in Galway city, or even further, to America.

Is left a lonesome, desolated land a tad isolated, wild looking, and somewhat ethereal.

Don’t these pictures make you want to come to Ireland?(Of course they do not show the “Getting soaked u nder the  rain and freezing my tits off all day” part of the tour, but still,  despite the cold it’s well worth a visit 😀 )

stay tuned!

M xx


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