Published November 17, 2008 by Dorothy
A traditional house in Connemara

A traditional house in Connemara


So yeah,hello and thank you very much for coming around and having a little look at my new blog!

I’m starting this blog,because:

1.My mates are scattered all around the world and it is quite difficult to keep in touch with everyone, so I thought a blog was quite a good way to tell everyone what’s happening and show my pictures and all. And don’t forget to leave me comments and tell me what you think 🙂

2.I just love writing. So I’ll consider that blog my first published story!So anyone just feel free to read if you’re interested…

3.I have another blog but it’s doesn’t kind of,make sense.It’s just full of poetry “Alternative shit” my uncle Phil would say.But this one will be a real travel diary!

So far I’ve lived in France (Where I was born),New Caledonia, Australia and now Ireland.And I don’t intend to stop here;I want to experience life in New Zealand,the USA and maybe Mexico and Japan.And of course, I want to go back to the country of my heart, Australia.

So to read the adventures of da French girl,turned Aussie by two years spent in the land down under, and now exiled in Ireland to work as an au pair…Stick around folks!

M xx


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